This is small step for mankind but giant leap for you. This is why we want to offer you help also from our partners. Our partners will support you with technical and business related questions thorough the journey. Meet our partners in kick-off event!

Partners include:

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Business Incubation Centre in Finland supports aspiring innovative entrepreneurs and young ambitious start-ups financially and technically to reveal their full space potential. We help you to introduce new technologies to the ESA and its partner network or to transfer existing ESA space technologies from hardware to data such as satellite data to terrestrial uses, whether consumer, business or both.

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Finnish Meteorological institute will guide you through the questions related to use and applicability of satellite data. How you can access different data sources, how to process the data and what actually can and cannot be done with data coming from i.e. Copernicus program.

Identio Oy can help you with software development – plain and simple. If you are wondering how you should start building your software, or what technologies to use, or just generally want to know how to go about software development (best practises, MVP-building, quick releases etc) – we are more than happy to help.  We also have knowledge in how to SELL the software and / or the idea to your potential clients.

Mariachi Oy has a solid knowledge of embedded systems as used in industry, information technology and medical technology. Based on this knowledge Mariachi offers its Kasvattamo program® for start-ups and inventors, aimed at helping innovations to reach the market faster and with greater success. We can offer services such as embedded HW and SW product development, prototypes, new product introduction (NPI), contract manufacturing and maintenance.


Terramonitor is the world’s most dynamic, comprehensive and cloud free mapping and analyzing platform of the globe, which consists of over 100 million images. Terramonitor gives professionals the power to analyze, build and organize geographical information into actionable insights by leveraging up-to-date satellite and remote sensing data by AI. Terramonitor can support SpaceUP teams in technical feasibility related questions, offer some of its Sentinel datasets for testing and streamline the first technical steps in working with Earth observation data.

University of Turku

Department of geography is here to help you also with data related issues. If you need some hints and tips about use of python when building your service, give us a call. Department of Information technologies can steer you in the software development related topics.