May the mentors be with you! In the beginning of the program a dedicated mentor will be appointed to support your progress. You will have at least two face-2-face meetings with your mentor, one in the beginning and one closer to the end of the program. Mentors will help you to evaluate and develop your idea.

Jaan Praks

Jaan Praks: Dr. S. Aalto university, leader of Aalto Space Technology and Microwave Remote Sensing research group. During his career he has participated in numerous remote sensing projects and measurement campaigns, instrument developments and led the development of Aalto-1, Aalto-2, Aalto-3 and Foresail nanosatellites. From his research projects have started many New Space and Earth Observation start-up companies in Finland. He is active in many scientific organizations and popular public speaker on space technology and Earth Observation topics. Areas of expertise: Team building, team management, team communication, reviews and schedules. Idea development and brainstorming. Space legislation. Presenting and selling ideas. Remote sensing, microwave remote sensing, remote sensing of forest and land cover. Remote sensing applications and markets. Available remote sensing satellites and technologies. Small satellites, small satellite constellations, small satellite payloads, small satellite capabilities. Small satellite market, satellite platforms, launch prices, technology development projects.

Marko Puhtila

Marko Puhtila: Growth advisor in Turku Science Park Oy with background in economics. Over 15 years experience on working with Finnish growth companies, providing advise on both establishing and growing business. Marko has been a founding partner in three companies, thus having practical experience on starting businesses. Current interest is on customer driven product and service design, corporate venture collaboration, open innovation and new concepts. Marko and his team are happy to help with any questions related to business development. Strongest area of expertise and personal networks is in ICT industry.

Tom Palenius


Tom Palenius: Leading Turku Science Park Ltd’s business development services, including business service center Potkuri, startup hub SparkUp, as well as accelerator and coaching programs for entrepreneurs and startups. Before joining Turku Science Park Ltd, Mr Palenius was the CEO for Abacus Diagnostica Oy, a Finnish IVD company specialized in rapid DNA based testing of infectious diseases. Starting as a university spinout, the company raised 4MEur funding, developed its product portfolio, built distribution network in 15 countries and got e.g. Karolinska University Hospital and 6 Finnish Central Hospitals as clients. Before starting with Abacus, Mr Palenius held the position of VP Business Development at Biocelex Oy, an innovation and business development company focusing on early phase Life Science projects and companies, as well as searching and assessing investment targets for the Karolinska Development investment fund. Mr Palenius has also a wide and lengthy industrial experience for 15 years at PerkinElmer / Wallac, a global Life Science enterprise, through various manager positions within R&D, production and international marketing.

Petri Kalske

Petri Kalske: Petri Kalske, Head of Operations, Unikie Oy. Unikie is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Finland (read the article), and Petri is in charge of Unikie’s R&D, products and related delivery projects. He has 20 years of software and IT experience, most of the time in various management and leadership roles. His comfort zone is between business and technologies. Petri has also strong entrepreneur and Start-Up background and he’s been helping start-ups with his own lessons learned, especially in fields of sharpening the business idea, raising funding and expanding the business abroad.

Kimmo Isbjörnssund

Mr. Isbjörnssund is heading the European Space Agency’s business incubation activities in Finland, in cooperation with Aalto University. Previously he worked 12 years at Nokia in various technology marketing and business development positions. Prior to joining ESA was he was founder of a startup that won a tender and delivered a cloud 3D printing software to ESA in 2015.